Additional Services

Additional Services

Computer Repair

Computers are fickle machines, yet we depend on them every day. When something breaks on your computers we know its imperative that it be fixed as soon as possible! That’s why we’re prepared to repair your computer issues. If we can’t fix it, you only pay our flat diagnosis charge. Please note that we also charge for parts if any are needed, however we will make sure to ask you first and we only charge you what we pay.

– Device Release Signature Required
– Data Safety Guarantee
– Money Back Guarantee with $20 Diagnosis Fee (if diagnosis was made)

Data Recovery

Drop your computer and can’t turn it on? Screen gave up on you? Virus chew through your boot drive? Let the repair experts at ITCMD recover your important data. All we need is a list of data that’s most important to you, your Windows account password, and a bit of time, and we’ll get what we can off of your drive and back to you.

– Device Release Signature Required if off-site
– Money Back Guarantee

Malware Removal

Viruses, Malware, Trojans . . .

So many programs are designed just to make your life harder. ITCMD experts can remove malicious programs from your devices! We will attempt to do so with saving your system as our top priority!

-Device Release Signature required if off-site
– Data Safety Guarantee
– Money Back Guarantee

Password Recovery

Did you forget your Windows password? Did you buy a used computer only to find it’s locked with an administrator account? Or maybe your kids changed the password on you? Don’t worry, that’s an easy fix. With our specialized tools we’ll reset your Windows 7, 8.1, 10, or 11 password within minutes.

Note, if your device is encrypted with Bitlocker, we will be unable to reset your password.

– Device Release Signature required if off-site
– Data Safety Guarantee
– Money Back Guarantee

Network Repair & Setup

Networking is rough. Are you having to restart your router or modem daily? At IT Command, our experts can diagnose your network and identify the source of the issue. We can help you set up a network that’s just right for you. Not sure which internet plan you need from your ISP? We can help. Need help getting the WiFi to the other side of your office? We’ve got you covered, literally.

On-Site Network Setup and Repair: Hourly Rate

– Money Back Guarantee

Motioneye Security Cameras

Whether you’re running a business or you’re concerned about the safety of your home, Security Cameras are an excellent tool in defense and apprehension. At IT Command we set up motion-triggered camera systems for low prices at the best quality. No monthly cost, easy to use software, optional remote access.

Installation is at our regular hourly rate, plus:                                       

Website Design

WordPress website design through hosting method of your choice. Hosting, design, security, and services all set up for you in one package.

Ubuntu OS Installation

We will install Ubuntu or another Linux distro to give your computer a massive performance boost. Give old computers new life, switch to an easy to use system with security that is unmatched by Windows.

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We also offer

Logo Design

Custom logo design based on your brand image. Offered through Elliott Designs.

Poster Design

Posters to boost your business, share your passion, or capture and idea. Offered through Elliott Designs.