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Windows Security Management

Subscribers to the ITCMD Windows Security Management Service get:

Professional monitoring and installation of critical Windows Updates

Professional monitoring for vulnerable software and updates with user permission

Professional monitoring and updating of Windows Defender Antivirus

Easy access to remote tech support through (hourly rate for non security-management realted issues)

All for just $19.99/month (up to 8 device)

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Nextcloud (Free Selfhosted Google Cloud / Docs) Installations

Vaultwarden (Free Selfhosted Encrypted Password Manager) Installations

Self-Hosted Website Server Installation

Mesh Central Remote IT Installations

Uptime Kuma Installations

Webmin Installations

Wazuh Installations

OSTicket Installations

Please note: selfhosted installations require additional hardware cost above base hourly rate.

Prices do not include tax or travel.