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On Friday 6/14/2024 Microsoft confirmed a vulnerability with all Windows systems that allowed potential hackers to execute malicious code on any Windows machine by just being within WiFi range.

On unpatched systems, hackers can gain full access to your machine and do things such as install malware, steal files, or even install randsomware all from a car outside your home or office without any other access to your network or devices.

911 went down all across Masachusetts early this week, and many suspect it was caused by this very exploit.

Microsoft has released an update fixing the issue, so make sure your system is up to date by going to settings -> Update & Security on your PC.

But this brings an important question to mind: What other vulnerabilities might be active on your machine? If your PC is missing recent updates to Windows, drivers, or even apps installed on your PC can leave you vulnerable.

When’s the last time you updated Adobe Acrobat PDF? What about Microsoft Teams? Wireguard? Apps like these and many more have recent exploits allowing hackers and bad-intentioned software to have much more access and control than they should!

With the ITCMD Windows Security Management Service, You Get:

  • Professional monitoring and installation of critical Windows Updates
  • Professional monitoring for vulnerable software and updates with user permission
  • Professional monitoring and updating of Windows Defender Antivirus
  • Easy access to remote tech support through (hourly rate for non security-management realted issues)

All for just $19.99/month (up to 8 device)

We monitor and remedy vulnerabilities you dont even know are there

We document each action we take so you know what you’re paying for